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Keep Your Public Bidding And Procurement On Track

Bidding and procuring public construction work is a challenging process. The laws and regulations governing that process in Massachusetts are among the fairest in the nation, but also among the most complex. Mistakes are common, and a bidder’s right to a contract can easily rise or fall on the knowledge and skill of its counsel.

At Corwin & Corwin LLP, in Woburn, our lawyers understand these laws because we drafted many of them and have handled hundreds of cases interpreting them. For nearly 70 years, Corwin & Corwin LLP has provided expert counsel to subcontractors, construction managers and general contractors on all aspects of federal, state, and municipal bidding and procurement, including:

  • Responding to prebid questions regarding scope or procedure
  • Reviewing bids for compliance
  • Contesting wrongful rejection of a bid
  • Challenging acceptance of a nonconforming bid
  • Protesting improper contract award

Ready To Handle Your Public Bidding And Procurement Issues

Because questions often arise in the last-minute rush of bid day, or bid issues must be resolved before work commences, you need counsel that can react quickly with the appropriate answers or action.

We encourage people with concerns to contact an attorney as soon as they detect a potential problem. This allows us to respond to your concerns promptly and effectively. If you have a public bidding or procurement issue and need effective counsel, contact us at 617-742-3420.

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