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Protecting Clients’ Rights In Mechanic’s Lien Disputes

A mechanic’s lien is a form of payment security for those who have performed construction work on private projects. By following certain procedures, Massachusetts law allows for an owner’s property to be attached and eventually sold to satisfy construction debts.

The attorneys at Corwin & Corwin LLP in Woburn represent prime contractors, subcontractors and suppliers who need to file a lien to ensure that they receive payment for their materials and services. We can perform title research, and draft, file and enforce a lien to protect your payment rights. We also help property owners and contractors dissolve mechanic’s liens that were filed improperly or are legally invalid. If a defective or overstated lien has been placed on your property, we can help you.

Lien law in Massachusetts is highly technical, and it takes a skilled lawyer with experience in construction law to ensure that your rights are protected. We have the experience to understand your situation and the tenacity to protect your interests.

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Depending on your situation, you may face strict deadlines for filing a lien or defending against one. This limited time frame means that it is important to act quickly. To speak with one of our attorneys, please call 617-742-3420 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.

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